Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 10, 2012

Hiya Family! It is great to be able to email you today. I really apologize for not really being able to email last week. So many great things have happened and I hope that I can remember most of them. First off... Conference was just brilliant. I enjoyed Elder Oaks talk the most... it was just down my alley. Our investigators recently have been having loads of questions about the soul and the body. It is something that everyone has their different interpretations about. How nice it is to have a apostle of the Lord in the 21st century, give us clear understanding on the topic. President Monson's Sunday Morning address will be great for missionaries. Last year he talked about Temples and it was hard to share the message with investigators because their understanding is a bit limited. But this year... he basically taught the Plan of Salvation in about 15 mins. It was a plainly powerful and insightful talk. We were scared no one would come... but in the last session... 2 new investigators came. One of them was the happiest Chinese lady (Her name is Song) I found with one of the Assistants about a month ago. She called me about 4pm on Sunday and asked if she could come to the 6pm session. Our WML met her at the Library and she made it. Elder Cameron and I met with her last week and she can't wait to be baptised on the 12 of May. She is working so much and the only reason she was able to come to church is because she called in sick because she wanted to come to church very much. We talked to her yesterday and she said she wants to be baptised so she can be brothers and sisters with everyone at the church. Our ward really rallied round her and they keep her updated with texts and calls. She would be able to progress so quickly... but she is forever at work. (P.s. She liked to words to I am a Child of God, and so she made me sing it to her in the Town Centre) Another investigator named Tomonghna... he believes in everything. He has started reading the Book of Mormon daily and it makes all the difference. His date to be baptised is the 21st of April but it might need to be a tad later. He told us the other day that we need to speed things up because it is beginning to make more sense. He is from India. Song is from China. A new investigator that we had a step in this week was from Pakistan. We will invite him to be baptised on Saturday. Last Saturday we stopped a man in the street and sat down straight away with him. We taught about the apostasy and restoration, testified of the Book of Mormon and he absolutely loved it. His name is Uzz. He is from Nigeria, and tomorrow we will have a meeting at the church and will show him the baptismal font and then invite him to repent and be baptised. I love this work! Things are going just fantastic. Andy has read the standard works... but is still afraid to commit. We will stop by today to give him a blessing. He knows it is true... he felt the spirit prompting him to be baptised. We felt it together in the lesson and he said he felt it... he wants to be baptised. He is just afraid... and thinks he needs to be perfect after he gets baptised. We hate getting clean and perfect things dirty. Like a new pair of shoes... but Jesus Christ is the best shoe cleaner and and the Holy Ghost a brilliant polish. Andy will be baptised... I know it. When? I don't really know. Easter was very nice. It was fast and testimony meeting and the ladies dominated the meeting... it was very nice. Some beautifully uplifting testimonies. Elder Cameron taught the gospel principles lesson and I was asked to teach the Priesthood Lesson. I really enjoyed preparing to teach it, because it was on the Immortality of the Soul. My favourite part was making a list of things that we can do to lay up in Heaven eternal treasures. Service was the most first, and families the most important. The majority of the men in the Elders Quorum are single... and so we focused on service. The memories we make and service we render will be some of the greatest joys we can cultivate and lay up in store. Our President sent out an address from Elder Bednar about the Character of Christ. It really helped cement my ideas and recent pondering. Christ never thought inward. Even on the cross... he asked the disciples to take care of his mother... and for his Father to forgive the soldiers. How is that possible? He had the hardest week in the history of the world and now was close to death. At this point... he continued to think of others. Now... apply that to your own life. Are there times when you feel sorry for yourself? You feel like eating ice cream and watching a movie? You can't do anymore? We can do more. Always room for one more smile... and another good intention completed. If we are ever tempted to think inward... the Saviour taught us to think outward. Inward is natural. Outward is the Character of Christ. Let us all think more outward... go one step farther. As we continue to work and serve our Brothers and Sisters... we will realise that the path leads us straight to our Heavenly Home. I am staying in Watford for the next transfer with Elder Cameron. He goes home at the end of it, which is May 17th. I have never killed a missionary. And because I am killing him, I will be in Watford for a least three more months :) I am soooo lucky. There are soo many things happening... I don't want to miss it. It will be my third six month area... I LOVE being in an area for a long time. You can be much more effective. I really appreciate all the love and parcels I've gotten from the family. You are just great. I am going to attach my BYU class schedule... and I want all my siblings to check it over and tell me what they think. Tell me the little tricks to make it more enjoyable and effective. I am starting class at 8:00... and finishing about 1:00 everyday. I plan to work about 12-15 hours in the afternoon evenings. Is that good? Are there any classes that I should take that I am not? or classes I shouldn't take? Just let me know. Any clubs or activities I should sign up for and be involved in? Thank you! I love you all very much. Thank you. Thank you. Have a great week. Love, Elder Krebs

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