Sunday, May 6, 2012

April 23, 2012

Goodness Gracious, It has been a fun fun fun week. I spent 2 days with my companion and only 3 days in my area. So things were always changing and being interesting. The week flew by and is now over. The next week is looking good. Pretty much our investigator pool is empty... people have been interested to listen... but not as interested to act. In my prayers... I am praying for people that are willing to listen and willing to act. I know if anyone listens and acts on the message we share... they will have a positive experience and will choose to follow God. I have so much confidence in the power of truth and its ability to set up free. There is so much rubbish in the world... and we are given the daunting task to sort through it all and find the truth. I know that truth has been restored... truth will prevail... and truth will go forth boldly nobly and independent. I love having a message filled with truth... I never have to worry if someone will rat me out and my secret be exposed. The gospel is pure. On Tuesday... I spent the day with Elder Young. We had fish and chips in the evening, and a chocolate fountain. I didn't eat the fountain... but the chocolate coming off of the fountain. Strawberries are my favourite. Magically delicious. Wednesday... I spent with my companion. Thursday I spent in London with Elder Solomon (one of the assistants). It rained all day... I haven't been that wet my whole mission. Friday morning my shoes were still wet... let me tell you. A terribly rubbish way to start off the day. I went straight from London... not to my area... but the Aylesbury... to have a 2 day work over with Elder Pollard from Utah. I came home Saturday night and spent the sabbath with my companion. After 3 days of not seeing him. He was stressed for having taken care of the area for three days all alone... but nonetheless happy to see me. I have been thinking alot recently about motivation. There are many types... but the most important type is love. We can do things because we have to do them, we can do things because it is our duty. But when we do things with love... it will be the most effective and efficient. If we truly love our family and Heavenly Family... then we will always be doing the right thing. As soon as we forget about the love God has for us... and the love we have for him... we will begin to fail. We cannot do anything without God. And Christ can help us to do everything. He is the way. If we love God and want to live with him... we will follow that way. In Aylesbury... we saw the most incredible miracles. First... we were able to set a baptismal date with a brazilian lady and her son. She doesn't speak much english... and I don't speak much Portuguese... but by the grace of God it worked. She knows the O livro de Mormon is true and she loves it. The restoration makes sense to her and she is really excited to keep investigating and to be baptised on June 1st. Goooo Brazilians. Second... ohhhh man. I don't even know where to begin. Ellie... she is golden. She is about 25 and from England. Married with one kid. Husband a complete atheist... but doesn't mind what she is up to. They taught her for the first time on Thursday. She accepted to be baptised on the 12th of May. She read half of the Book of Mormon. She has been praying for the right path. She found it... she loves it. Her twin sister on the other hand... only knows the mormons from big love and documentaries... which are not good. She took the mick out of Ellie all Thursday. Elder Pollard and I were teaching Ellie on Friday and in walks her sister Mel... guns a blazing. She was ubber uptight about the whole thing and was trying her best to prove us wrong. She is a Protestant... but doesn't really know what that means. She hasn't read the Bible... but believes the basics. As the lesson went on... she calmed down. She realised we were genuine and not trying to attack her sister. She began listening... and by the end... she was crying and knew it was the spirit. It was just brilliant. It was an answer to Ellie's prayers because she wanted her sister to find the way. It was the fastest on my mission that I have seen the spirit work. Ellie was testifying the whole lesson and it all culminated in an outpouring of the spirit at the end. They both came to church on Sunday and they loved it. How grateful I am to have been a part of it. The spirit was definitely the Senior companion though. wow. Just amazing. I am happy and well. Sleeping well. Wearing my retainers every night... my bottom permanant retainer keeps gettin' loose... so I decided to wear my temporary retainers more. Some of my goals right now include: Reading 5 pages of the Book of Mormon everyday... to finish by the time I get transferred in August. Being able to touch my toes. Never Praying in my bed. And reaching outward not inward. I hope I can acheive. I love you all and miss you very much. Love, Elder Krebs P.s. Still gathering to send your package Gfunk. It is a good intention that is making itself into a reality. P.s.s. I love sitting in my flat and reveling in all the glory that illuminates from my national champs shirt. No one else understands... but I do. I truly do. Tammy had a picture of the team celebrating and I didn't recognise a single face... that is a calipari team if I know one. This morning a really awesome senior missionary called and talked to me about it. His son went to duke... so they are big duke fans. He appreciates my situation. We also talked about some missionary oriented things... but the majority of the conversation was centred on College Basketball. Heh. Good thing its P-day. I wouldn't say I missed anything... I just get to appreciate it without worry or concern. Life is good.

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