Saturday, March 26, 2011

March 14, 2011

Hi momma,

Here is the weekly email. It might be a tad short because we won't be here the full hour. I love serving a mission. I love exhausting all of my strength and having to rely on the angels to bear me up. I was watching my companion talk to someone on the street the other day, and i was just listening and taking it all in. My mind started to wander as I listened and then I thought... "Stop it Elder Krebs, what more can you do to help your companion?" That is when revelation filled my mind and a life long quest was started to figure out what more can I do. There is always more to do and we can never be content with how we are doing... but must always think... what more can we do? Can we help a friend? Can we help our Mum? Can we testify of our companion? Can we have more diligent studies to come to know our Saviour better? What more can we do? I am growing to learn to love serving my companions. By serving them, I grow to love them. We are promised that the more we lose ourselves... how we will truly find our self. No gift is a better gift than putting our will and free agency on the altar and sacrificing it to the Lord. I can testify that the more I give to the Lord... he helps me to find true joy and the true Elder Krebs. I'm grateful for the opportunity to have a new companion. I was very scared about it, but he is a wonderful missionary. He has the greatest quirks and interesting hobbies. He loves Beyonce! More than anything. He has her perfume and says he sometimes sprays it on his pillow before 10:30 bed time. What a great guy :) 

Living with the Assistants and my companions is always a hoot. We have a great time together! I have grown to love them all and I am very happy. Serving in London is the best! We have found some great investigators in the past two weeks! A man named Simon Jacob came to church this past Sunday and he is the man! He just moved into London from Syria and really wants to learn about our church and we were able to talk about baptism and he seemed excited. Francesco was found the first week I was here and is on vacation now... but is the most open investigator I've had since I've been here. He is brilliant. Zula doesn't believe in God, but was able to feel the Spirit and it touched her heart. We give tours all the time of the Chapel. What we do is stand outside of the Church and invite people on a free tour! It is great. We made a woman cry the past week after praying with her! Oh Mary. And we started teaching two Asian girls named Yan and Ann. They both don't know how to pray and their first prayers are the most innocent and heart felt in the world. At first they introduce themselves. "Hello God, My name is Ann. I live in London right now, but I'm from China." It is so great. I pray they will all keep progressing and take the steps towards baptism. Sorry I can not write more. I wish I could write all day :( I love you all. The Book of Mormon is true. Test it :)

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