Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March 28, 2011

Hello hello,

Tis transfer week! We find out tonight about what is happening :) I am nervous because I have no idea what is going to happen. Since we live with the Assistants we get a little insight but not much. We have found out about who the new assistant is and where Elder Jacob is going. Our third companion... Elder Seljaas is actually already been moved. He left on Saturday :( I was very very sad. He was a great guy and we were working so well and very hard together and now he is gone. I guess life moves on... sad. Welp... I could be gone in 48 hours as well. We never know. I love love love this area. I honestly do. I am just starting to get to know the ward members and can tell who is actually in the Ward and who is visiting. There are so many people that visit each week. I think they should just make a visitors ward :) We had four investigators at Church and they all enjoyed it and want to come back! That is the Spirit at work for you. I love being able to help people realise what the Spirit feels like and then helping them to always have the Spirit to be with them. The Spirit is the way that God is able to work on the earth. It has so many responsibilities! It teaches, testifies, comforts, strengthens, and enriches. How important is it to receive the Spirit in our life and to follow its promptings. Our perfect Mother wrote to me about Pride, and how when we think of what we want (inward) then we are prone to be proud, but as we think outward we will not be able to be proud. As we follow the Spirit, how ever gentle it may be... then it will show us what to do, where to go, and what to say. I can see in my teaching that my words and most importantly questions are guided by the Spirit. I have the ability to take a very disastrous situation with an atheist and turn it into one where we are both uplifted and touched. As I walk away from the situations... my heart is full of thanks because I know that I would not be able to do that by my own power. My mouth had been filled and the Spirit was present. 

This mission is a very interesting one. It is a huge melting pot. I have never experienced such diversity. I thought Lafayette High School was diverse. LHS ain't got nothing on London. Let ME tell you. We met people from just about every where. I want to start making a list of all the people I meet and where they come from. Tis brilliant. The picture is the four Hyde Park Elders at a Philippino flat. They all live together because it is a lot cheaper. Yesterday I had mussels and squid, today I have tempura shrimp sushi, and prawn avocado sushi with gyoza dumplings (then i said "eat the doggy mess"). Actually, I have been using tons of Japanese. Elder Avanesyan said, "you basically speak Japanese". Not quite, but better than most missionaries. I pray to meet them in the morning so I can say "o hio gizymos!" I butched the spelling, but spelling isn't my strongest skill. I am learning great things from all the different cultures around the world and it helps me be a better person. By the way... I couldn't really be bothered by the squid. It was too chewy, but the mussels we quite lovely. I am really beginning to find a love and a focus for missionary work. It is very easy in this big big city to be focused on things other than Inviting Others To Come Unto Christ. Focus is vitally important for our success in life and in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we keep Jesus Christ as our focus and not ourselves... then we will be happy. As we prioritise our busy busy lives to put God first... then we will find a peace in this scary world. I hate this world. I see terrible things every day that honestly make me nauseated. The world is infested with negative images accepted as the norm. Through all this, It is a blessing to have a hope in Jesus Christ. To know where true happiness and peace come from. Those elusive concepts both captured in a single belief. I am thankful for a Prophet that leads and guides us, and I am thankful that I will be able to watch a session of conference at the same time as my family. I love you all. As they once said... "near and far, always together" ;)
Elder Krebs
P.s. Go Cats
P.s.s. Sorry it is short. My fingers are too fat.

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