Saturday, March 26, 2011

More from March 14, 2011

Welll... I have a new companion :) So now I have two!! Crazy. His name is Elder Seljess. He is from Utah and is a foot taller than me! He used to be in the Hayes Area. but we received a missionary from the Siberian Mission and he moved to Hayes. So we get the leftover rubbish :( just kidding! I love it. He is so great except for one terrible terrible fault. He is a dUKe fan. Oh how close I was to calling President and telling him that there was a mistake. I will trust in the Lord's will and plan... and hopefully learn a ton. I am in the War Chapters right now... so maybe I will learn not to follow that traditions of my fathers :) We are very excited for this next week. We will be doing splits all the time with the ward and therefore we will be able to do double work in the area. That will be great for this every pressing work. We must step it up a notch and do the work quicker and more effective. The other pictures are:of me in Picadilly Circus and Elder Avanesyan and I on the lion :) The last one is the Hyde Park Elders in front of China town :) I love it.

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